Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is one of the most necessary surgeries in recent years to overcome hair loss problems that cause embarrassment and a lack of self-confidence.

We will tackle the problem of hair loss by offering you the following:

  • Beard and moustache transplantation
  • DHI / DHI PRO hair transplantation in Turkey
  • Sapphire / OSL Sapphire hair transplantation
  •  Hair transplantation for women
  •  Eyebrow hair transplant


  • Beard and moustache transplantation

Beard has a significant impact on a man’s attractiveness and appearance. At the same time, beard transplantation is an effective solution for everyone who suffers from weak or no beard growth.

Chin hair transplantation is performed under the influence of local anaesthesia. 

The doctor selects the most appropriate follicles that fit with the rest of the beard hair and is often harvested from the areas of the sideburns and the sides of the head. 

They are transplanted into the target areas according to angles estimated based on the characteristics of the closest surrounding hair. 


  • DHI / DHI PRO hair transplantation in Turkey

These are the latest technologies in medicine and plastic surgery; some surgeons have considered it as an alternative to surgery in which the scalpel is not used.

DHI hair transplant has solved the problem of baldness for many, and traditional hair transplant techniques in their treatment.


  • Sapphire / OSLSapphire hair transplantation

A pen called: The Ambassador Pen is used, and it is a developed pen that is used to open channels during the hair transplantation process as it has a thin, pointed, and sharp head, and it is in the shape of a letter V, and the pointed border of this pen helps to open the small channels with a high level of accuracy, which reduces The risk of infection of the adjacent follicles and the possibility of scarring.


  • Hair transplantation for women

Some doctors estimate that one in five women will experience hair loss, usually due to ageing, various diseases, or hormonal changes after menopause, pregnancy, and childbirth. Women tend to experience subtle thinning over the scalp rather than losing hair in sporadic patches, as is common in men.

Therefore, hair transplantation for women is the solution for those who feel uncomfortable and want a permanent and final answer to hair loss problems.

DHI, or direct hair transplantation, is used in hair transplantation without shaving. It is preferred by many who do not want to shave their hair, especially women.


  • Eyebrow hair transplant

It is an essential part of the face and necessary for a more attractive look. 

Getting thicker eyebrows has become available now with the emergence of eyebrow transplantation.

You do not need to worry anymore about the appearance of eyebrows that are light or damaged due to an accident.

Eyebrow hair transplantation helps increase the shape and density of the eyebrows by moving hair follicles from another area of ​​the body.

Usually from the back of the scalp, as the eyebrows may recede naturally with age, or this may happen due to scarring, disease, or an accident. 

You may need to perform this operation with a cosmetic goal to get an attractive appearance.